Sunday, March 2, 2008

5 years ago today...

5 years ago this very day, Dean and I flew into Changsha, Hunan in the People's Republic of China. We boarded a bus from the small airport and after 40+ hours of travel, we were informed that the babies would be waiting for us when we arrived at our hotel!
Gotcha! This was Drew's nanny.

Notice the scream of bloody murder!

This was Drew's first night with her Forever Family!
The whole day was and still is totally sureal! I remember every last detail of this day like it happened yesterday. To call this wonderful event life changing just doesn't adequately describe it at all! The best word to describe how we felt is utter and complete joy! I shall never forget how I felt on this day! Happy Gotcha Day to all of Drew's travel group sisters...Hannah V., Sara W., Quinn T., May B., Mia T., Mia S., Julia C., Mackenzie R., Alli M., Nicole E., Beth P., Lin-ley H., and Lily W. For the most part, our group continues to be close with one another which is a wonderful thing for all the girls. I just can't believe it has been FIVE years already!!! I can't wait to see how all the girls grow and change in the next five years and beyond!
Last night, Drew performed in her figure skating club's annual show. The theme was the Wizard of Oz and Drew's group (Basic 5)were the Good Witches. Here's Drew with her little friend Caroline W.
Here are four of the five that are in the group.
Hmmm, Drew's the shortest one...there's a surprise!

Luci put a death grip on Uncle when the Wicked Witch of the West came out onto the ice!
Here's the group skating with Dorothy and Glinda.
After Drew's two performances were done, she joined us up in the bleachers and Luci promptly took possession of Drew's crown. Well...she IS a princess after all!
Drew getting snuggy (and warm!)with Uncle.
And what would one of my posts be without a report on the world's CUTEST doggy??? Here's the newest member of our family wearing his latest has a picture of Buddha holding up a huge dog bone with the words "What would Buddha do?" I love it!
He looks like he's been naughty!
How can anyone resist this face????