Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The best Father's Day gift ever!

On Father's Day, the girls gave him a it is below page by page. It's called, The World's Best Daddy...because that's what he is! To get a closer look at each page, just click on the image and it will enlarge on your screen, then hit the back button to get back to the blog. It brought a little tear to his eye! Hope you enjoy it as much as he did!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day...

to the very best Daddy (and husband!) in the world! We love you! I'll follow up with another post after we've done the gift giving!

This, that and the other...

Last weekend, we headed to Jellystone campground to have a little fun. The water was warm...NOT! But the girls loved it anyway! Here, they get a tow from Daddy.

Luci was too cold to want to stay in the water, but the other two posed for a cool photo-op! Incidentally, I was working a wedding this day, so the photographer was Dean for this shot!

Working on their tans!

Luci's class held a Father's Day celebration at school. Here she is making her gift for her special Daddy!

Back to camping at Jellystone (2 differnt cameras means the photos got mixed up and I don't feel like rearranging at the moment!)
She goes nowhere without her doll!

Three of the prettiest girls you'll ever see!
The site next to us had this happy girl! What I origianally thought was a summer haircut turned out to be the short-haired version of a St. Bernard. Her name is Matilda.

Happy Graduation to Luci! She is now an official Kindergartener!
Receiving her "diploma" from her teacher, Mrs. S. (aka Sue whom we camp with!)

Both grandmother's attended!

Just after singing a song, not doing much, just being her usual cute self!
I apologize for the angle of this video. I have to learn not to turn my camera on it's side for video shots. It was cute though, so I included it anyway. This is the pool at Jellystone campground.

Friday, June 12, 2009

All play and no work!!

A couple of weeks ago, this little guy was caught meandering through our yard. Luckily, none of the dogs were out and it showed little interest in the kids who were playing outside at the time.

Here is the MOSTLY completed Kid's Castle as it is now being dubbed. We still have to add some grab bars here and there and we have to dig a couple of fence post holes to secure the bottom of the cargo net ladder into the ground. There is also still a clamp attached to the right upright support. We have to remove an ill-placed lag screw, but it has been rounded and Dean just hasn't gotten to it yet, so the clamp stays until he does. Another minor little cosmetic thing to do: cut off the 4 main 4x4 posts to the same height and add bright red ball finials on the tops of them. I also plan on adding 2 short flag poles on either side of the peak of the canopy and on either side of the Crow's Nest. This is the main project and we've got lots of plans to add to it, but everyone is pretty sick of working on it at this point, so when those additions happen is anybody's guess! But it's plenty big enough as far as the girls are concerned! The main tower deck is 5'6" up and the upper deck is approx 9' to 9 1/2' up. If I had to guess, I'd say it is 14 or 15 feet tall to the top of the canopy! My father bought all of the materials and we used a few reclaimed pieces that we had saved and we all worked together to get it to this point. All in all, we're very satisfied with the final outcome and the girls love it!

Oh yeah, we need to cut off the excess chain at the top of the swings!

Luci's UPK class along with a UPK class at another local school got together at a big playground here in town this morning. Here's Luci and her cousin Sonja.
Luci shows off for Meema.

We're off camping again this weekend. I have to shoot a wedding in Syracuse, so we're taking the camper to Jellystone Campground to have some fun! Until next time...!